Partners in the FRR Quality Mark Project

As a partner, you can bring a valuable contribution to the FRR Quality Mark for (AI Based) Robotics project. The Foundation for Responsible Robotics is actively looking for three different kinds of partners:

Pilot partners

As a pilot partner you will contribute to the development of the framework and assessment process of the FRR Quality Mark for (AI Based) Robotics by participating in a test-run of our certification process. In approximately two meetings (time investment: ca. 6 hours in total) we will walk you through various aspects of our seven main assessment principles, after which we will ask you for your feedback on both our framework and process. We do not hand out certifications yet in the pilot phase, but merely your involvement in our pilot can already show your customers that your company cares about important aspects like privacy, security and sustainability. Moreover, you will receive valuable feedback from us on how your company currently performs on our assessment principles, and what aspects you could further improve. This information will naturally be confidential and not disclosed to anyone. If your company prefers not to be mentioned on our website as pilot partner, but rather participates anonymously, this is also a possibility.

Advisory partners

As our Quality Mark is still in development, we aim to join forces with professionals with expertise in quality mark development. Are you the ‘FairTrade’ in your field and do you think you could advise us in developing this framework and process, or do you have specific expert knowledge on one of the seven FRR principles? For this purpose, we have set-up an advisory board with industry experts in their respective fields. If you are interested in joining this board, please contact us to explore the possibilities.

Funding partners

Do you want to support the Foundation for Responsible Robotics in their important mission to stimulate responsible robotics development? Please reach out to us to discuss options regarding funding and sponsoring.

Pilot Partners

Advisory Partners


Advisory partner for phase #3: Piloting (=current phase)


Advisory partner for phase #2: Concept framework (completed)

Funding Partners