Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that we are still in the process of developing the quality mark for (AI Based) Robotics. So far we have thus not yet certified any robotics products.

Why should I care about the QM?

For consumers: To know that human rights, sustainability, safety etc. have been taken in consideration in making the robot. In other words: that this robot supports your values.

For Robotics companies: To identify yourself as a responsible company who takes seriously human rights and values, and to build a pathway for responsible innovation in your company.

Is the QM for products or for companies?

The QM is for products, not companies.

How do I know if a product has the QM?

You will see the label on the product or on the website advertising and/or using the product.

Who is responsible in case something happens to a product with the QM?

The product is assessed at a certain point in time and after one year the product should be re-assessed. The QM gives a reasonable assurance that the product is in line with the QM framework, however it is not a 100% guarantee.

What qualifies for the QM?

The QM is intended for companies who are making and selling products that they call robots. The robot may or may not be AI-powered.

How are the products awarded the QM?

The product is evaluated by independent registered auditors which are checked for expertise and are listed according to their requirements.

Pilot partners needed!

As a pilot partner, you will participate in a test-run of our certification process. Although we do not award certifications yet in the pilot phase, you will receive valuable feedback on how your company performs on our assessment principles, and what aspects you could further improve.