Why the FRR Quality Mark for Robotics and AI?

The number of robot applications in key areas such as deliveries, autonomous transport, policing, the service industry, entertainment, elder care, child care, medicine, surgery, healthcare and agriculture is massively increasing.

The worldwide proliferation of these Robotics and AI technologies is beginning to impact significantly on human lives.  Despite its touted successes, cracks are beginning to appear, and questions are being asked about social justice, gender and race bias, as well as about privacy and the erosion of other human rights.

The Foundation for Responsible Robotics has partnered with Deloitte to create the FRR Quality Mark for Robotics and  AI. Through this quality mark we want to empower producers to produce both ethically and responsibly. Of equal importance, we want to build trust between developers of Robotics and AI and the consumer.. The aim of the quality mark is to promote important features of products that will contribute to a better world, including sustainability, integrity, safety and security, and ethical design together with a consideration of societal impact. We want to ensure that best practices are met for the responsible design and development of the technology.

On this website, you can learn more about the FRR Quality Mark for Robotics and AI. We are currently looking for Robotics companies that are interested in participating in the pilot. Next to this, we’re looking for quality mark field experts that want to share their expertise in quality mark development.

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