Workshops and Other Events

To realize our mission, we organize and host events, such as workshops that bring together stakeholders from multiple disciplines. The purpose of these events is to increase awareness of ethical, legal, and societal issues in AI and robotics, as well as develop best practices for addressing these issues.

Responsible Robotics: Shaping our Future with Robotics – A Lorentz Center Workshop

From: 19 February 2018

Until: 23 February 2018

Location: Lorentz Center (Leiden, The Netherlands)


In February 2018 the FRR brought together numerous experts in interdisciplinary fields to share their knowledge in a workshop with the goal of answering the foundational question of this organization: what is responsible robotics?

Dealing with Threats and Disaster: New paradigms – New technologies – New ethical challenges?

From: 23 November 2017

Until: 24 November 2017

Location: Office of the FRR (The Netherlands)

Drones workshop_web3

In November 2017 the FRR teamed up again with the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology to host a drones workshop addressing the current developments in the fields of safety and security.

Responsible Robotics and AI – IDEA League Summer School

From: 27 August 2017

Until: 31 August 2017

Location: Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

IdeaLeague featured

The IDEA League summer school program on responsible robotics and AI was designed as an intensive course on the basics of robot ethics to introduce students to the importance of the field and its applications. The program was hosted at TU Delft and welcomed 19 students from 9 countries.

Ethics and Policy of Robots in Healthcare – 4TU & FRR Workshop

From: 25 June 2017

Until: 26 June 2017

Location: The Hague Institute for Global Justice (The Netherlands)


The FRR and the 4TU are joining forces to co-organize an informal meeting aimed at discussing the role that ethics can and should play in the development of European (and International standards) for robots in healthcare.

Connected Robots for Health: Challenges for Responsible Robot Design – Brocher Foundation Workshop

From: 15 June 2017

Until: 16 June 2017

Location: Brocher Center (Geneva, Switzerland)


Care robotics has been emerging as response to demographic and economic challenges in healthcare systems in the developed world. This workshop engaged with the particular ethical challenges raised by this increasing connectedness of care robots.

Responsible Design and Deployment of Drones Used in Humanitarian Contexts – International Workshop

From: 7 March 2017

Until: 8 March 2017

Location: The Hague Institute for Global Justice (The Netherlands)


Given the drastic increase in the use of drones in these contexts, timely development of policy and regulations to guide both the design and deployment is crucial. This two-day workshop on Humanitarian Drones contributed to starting this process.