From: 25 June 2017

Until: 26 June 2017

Location: The Hague Institute for Global Justice (The Netherlands)

The FRR and the 4TU joined forces to co-organize an informal meeting aimed at discussing the role that ethics can and should play in the development of European (and International standards) for robots in healthcare.

Important questions addressed were:

  • the converging of disciplines (robotics is about AI, big data, machine learning and so on);
  • should a standard address all of these;
  • healthcare as a morally charged context and the role of technology within this space;
  • the role of industry/academics/policy makers in ensuring responsible technology

After the conclusion of the workshop, the European Commission released a response to the European Parliament’s resolution of civil law rules on robotics. For this reason, the workshop participants will work on generating a white paper to discuss the issues in detail as well as respond to the points made by the commission. This white paper will be posted to the FRR website upon completion.

Workshop Participants

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