From: 23 November 2017

Until: 24 November 2017

Location: Office of the FRR (The Netherlands)

Attendance at this workshop is available by invitation only.

In November 2017 the FRR teamed up again with the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology to host a drones workshop addressing the current developments in the fields of safety and security. The goal of this workshop will be to ask if these developments bring with them new ethical challenges, or simply an exaggeration of traditional ethical and practical issues.

To that end, we will address several questions: what does the contemporary focus on resilience mean for dealing with disasters? What role do new technologies (e.g. drones, AI, and other tech) play in the shift towards proactive approaches in policing? How can we understand the use of new technologies – for example, drones – in a humanitarian context?

The workshop will bring together multiple stakeholders with different backgrounds and perspectives to create a roadmap of current developments in the safety and security landscape and the ethical implications that they raise, and to identify topics that are in need of further research.

View workshop presentations and further reading material here >

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