From the International Business Times: IoT, Drones And AI: How Technology Can Help In Disaster Situations

Another technology that helps in disaster situations is drone technology. According to Dr. Robin Murphy, IEEE fellow and professor of computer science and engineering at Texas A&M University and an expert on drones can play a critical part in the assessment of damages and rescue operations.


“Drones can be used to inspect critical infrastructure either to establish the current state and vulnerability or to establish whether any damage has occurred. As an example, drones can detect how much rain has fallen so that the county drainage experts can update their models…Drone flights can also be used to verify the condition of infrastructure elements (wastewater treating plants, pipelines, fire stations, etc.) in the county that must be inspected. Drones are able to do this in an average of under 16 minutes from arrival to deployment to getting back in the car and driving to the next site- much faster than a person could and provided additional viewpoints and video to the standard “one photograph per each side” data,” she stated in an email to IBT.