Responsible Robotics: Shaping our Future with Robotics – a Lorentz Center Workshop

February 19-23 2018; Lorentz Center (Leiden, the Netherlands)

Attendance at this workshop is available by invitation only.

In this workshop, we intend to bring together multiple disciplines from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to define the field of responsible robotics for guiding designers, developers, and policy-makers in the area of robotics. Furthermore, this workshop will bridge divides between academia, industry, and policy making sectors to ensure a fluent and unobstructed dialogue between any and all current and future stakeholders.

To accomplish this, we will bring together the current lead figures in these sectors – the most visible and active individuals in research, policy, and industry engaged in responsible robotics – that can guide the future development and deployment of robotics technology.

By the conclusion of this workshop, we will have accomplished two goals: first, we will create a working definition of responsible robotics to guide the field; second, we will create a roadmap for designers, developers, and academics to pave the way towards responsible robotics development in Europe.

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Workshop Organizers

Aimee van Wynsberghe, FRR & TU Delft

Gusz Eiben, VU University Amsterdam

Cathrine Hasse, Aarhus University

Johanna Seibt, Aarhus University

Noel Sharkey, FRR & University of Sheffield

Confirmed Participants

Duuk Baten, University of Twente

Philip Brey, University of Twente

Maria Bulgheroni, Ab.Acus

Raja Chatila, Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique

Saheli Datta, King’s College London

Virginia Dignum, TU Delft

Jim Dratwa, European Commission

Sarah Fletcher, Cranfield University

Tom Guarriello, RoboPsych

David Gunkel, Northern Illinois University

Eleanor Hancock, University of Liverpool

Teresa Heffernan, St. Mary’s University

Raya Jones, Cardiff University

Savvas Kikidis, University of Twente

Sabine KoeszegiTU Wein

Shuhong Li, TU Delft

Patrick Meier, iRevolutions

Sara Moreno Munez, FRR

Catelijne MullerEuropean Economic and Social Committee

Michael Nagenborg, University of Twente

Tony PrescottUniversity of Sheffield

Christopher Schlachta, Western University

Gina Smith, GSI

Wouter Van Noort, TU Delft

Jamie Wallace, Aarhus University

Martijn Wisse, TU Delft

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