Humanitarian Drones Workshop (7-8 March 2017)

Responsible Design and Deployment of Humanitarian Drones


There are many sectors that insist on the benefits arising from the deployment of drone technologies in multiple and varying humanitarian contexts (e.g. natural disasters, conflict zones, protection of endangered species). However, there is also an outcry that such deployment not only exacerbates an already delicate situation and vulnerable demographic but also presents additional ethical and human rights considerations that cannot be ignored. Given the drastic increase in the use of drones in these contexts, timely development of policy and regulations to guide both the design and deployment is crucial. Such policy must be developed through a multi disciplinary team with representation from a range of stakeholders, e.g. designers, users, and scholars in order to address the range of issues introduced through said technology.


This two-day workshop will bring together leading experts in the areas of humanitarian response aid, robotics and AI, crisis response management, ethics, and peace management to build on the 2014 UN OCHA report on the use of drones in humanitarian contexts. The aim will be to draft a follow-up report that addresses the state-of- the-art in robotics currently deployed alongside the ethical and human rights issues initiated through this deployment.

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The registration fee is €15 (for lunch and refreshments).


The workshop is located at The Hague Institute for Global Justice. More information to come.

Registration opens 12 February 2017 at 12:00 UTC+1 and is free to all FRR members!

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