Today in the FRR

Upcoming and Past Events


Responsible Journalism Roundtable

The Foundation for Responsible Robotics is working with Robohub to create a roundtable discussion on responsible journalism. This virtual round-table discussion will bring together experts in robotics, robot ethics, journalists, and other media personnel from Europe...


Brocher Foundation Workshop

On June 14, a delegation of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics will travel to Geneva for a collaborative workshop on “Networked Robots in Healthcare” with Heike Felzmann from NUI Galway. This workshop, sponsored by the Brocher Foundation, brings together leading...

Response to the EU MEP Vote

The Co-Founders of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics have issued an official response to the recent MEP vote in the EU Parliament. Find more here.

Ethics and Policy of Robots in Healthcare Workshop

Overview: The FRR and the 4TU are joining forces to co-organize an informal meeting aimed at discussing the role that ethics can and should play in the development of European (and International) standards for robots in healthcare. Important questions we will address...

Responsible Robotics at the Rotman Institute: Day 3

FRR President Aimee van Wynsberghe in London, Ontario, Canada gave a series of talks [open to the public] over three days on various issues related to responsible robotics. The third day was a talk focusing on the subject of machine ethics - building autonomous moral...