The FRR and the 4TU are joining forces to co-organize an informal meeting aimed at discussing the role that ethics can and should play in the development of European (and International) standards for robots in healthcare. Important questions we will address are: the converging of disciplines (robotics is about AI, big data, machine learning and so on) and should a standard address all of these; healthcare as a morally charged context and the role of technology within this space; and, the role of industry/academics/policy makers in ensuring responsible technology.


The workshop aims to bring clarity to the debate on how to govern healthcare robots. The goal is to create a white paper on the governance of healthcare robots, a roadmap of guidelines for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in healthcare settings, and to include different robot types and contexts. Further, it will highlight the key questions/issues/challenges/concerns/gaps to be addressed by policymakers oin the near future. The central idea is to work towards meaningful frameworks that can be a) applied by roboticists and b) give full coverage to the protection of the user. The deliverable will be an open consultation document published on the websites of FRR and 4TU to raise awareness.

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For more information, please email intern@responsiblerobotics.org.