On October 21st, the Foundation for Responsible Robotics held our first workshop on “Responsible Robotics” at the 2016 Robophilosophy Conference in Aarhus, Denmark. This workshop, sponsored by the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology, featured panel presentations and discussions lead by FRR members Shannon Vallor, John Sullins, Peter Asaro, Arto Laitinen, Michael Nagenborg, Peter Novitzky, Amanda Sharkey, and Alan Winfield. Moderating the panels were organizing committee members Filippo Santoni de Sio and Scott Robbins.

Attendance and participation in the event was outstanding, and the conversational format provided for an open discussion amongst the panelists and the audience. Topics for debate included possible models to implement responsible robotic policy (Vallor), agency and responsibility (Laitinen), the impact of robots on urban settings (Nagenborg), and the importance of public awareness and trust in ethical standards (Winfield).

At the end of the two-part workshop, based on feedback forms, 92% of our respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall content and delivery of our workshop, with 100% of them agreeing that they gained a better understanding of responsible robotics through the lens of moral philosophy. We at the Foundation are thrilled at these results, and look forward to other opportunities to engage the public in future workshops.

Stay tuned for a full recording of our workshop, to be published on the Foundation website.